Start Up

Session I
This session talks about the basic concepts of Investing and the Stock market in general.
  • Investing basics
  • Why Equities as an Investment
  • Roles of Depositories & Brokers
  • Corporate actions
  • Primary & secondary markets
  • Understanding NIFTY & SENSEX Indices

Session II

This level is an advance step where we will learn about -

  • Analyzing NEWS 
  • Decoding what biggies say and what they mean 
  • Selecting the right broker
  • Simple rules of Buying and Selling
  • Understanding Quality and Quantity Fundamentals
  • Better timing to book profits 
  • Trading Vs. Investing
  • Investment Checklist
  • Rules to Minimise Risk and Maximise Profits

Session III

The Derivatives (F&O) -

  • Overview of Futures
  • Concept of Short Selling
  • Concept of Open Interest
  • Relationship of Price-Volume-Open Interest
  • Market Participants
  • Index and Stock Futures
  • Futures Trading Strategies
  • Introduction to Calls and Puts
  • Option Moneyness
  • Option Strategies
  • Money Management

Session IV

Become a Trader by learning -

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Types of Charts
  • Pivot Trading
  • Support & Resistances
  • Averages
  • Stop loss Techniques=